Management Accounting

by Jill Collis

About this book

Table of contents

  1. Introduction to Management Accounting
  2. Costing for Product Direct Costs
  3. Costing for Indirect Costs
  4. Activity-based Costing
  5. Marginal Costing
  6. Budgetary Control
  7. Standard Costing
  8. Capital Investment Control
  9. Discounting Methods of Investment Appraisal
  10. Issues in Management Accounting

About the author

JILL COLLIS is Director, Accounting and Auditing Research Centre, Brunel University, UK. She has published several books on accounting and research methods and her writing reflects her experience as a mature student. She is a very active researcher and her recent publications include reports and articles relating to studies commissioned by the ICAEW, ACCA, DTI and Financial Reporting Council. She lectures in accounting worldwide.