Rethinking the European Union

by Nathaniel Copsey


A very thoughtful and provocative book: the author moves effortlessly across the EU's many systemic challenges, combining sharp critical assessments with constructive ideas about the Union's future after the Eurozone crisis. -Jörg Monar, College of Europe
The European Union is in deep trouble, internally and externally. A new leadership is not enough to turn things around and a radically new mindset and re-think of fundamentals is now both unavoidable and urgent. This much-needed book is a courageous attempt to chart such a new way forward. -Jolyon Howorth, Yale University
As the European Union haltingly emerges from its worst ever crisis, there is a need to rethink both the EU itself and its relations with its member states. Nat Copsey does just this in a clear, original and highly readable assessment of the crisis and its impact - and of how Europe can recover and avoid experiencing anything similar again. -Anand Menon, King's College London
Essential reading for anyone wondering why the European Union is struggling at the moment with economic weakness at home and insecurity on its borders. The European Union needs new thinking not just economically and socially but also in relation to its identity, norms and values, and place in the world: Copsey asks the right questions and offers many answers. -Erik Jones, The Johns Hopkins University