Skills for Success

Personal Development and Employability

by Stella Cottrell


What kind of future?

Your time as a student is a major step in your professional career.

When you graduate, you will be competing with millions of other graduates from around the world. Like you, they will be looking to stand out in a graduate employment market that is now global. The time you spend now in gaining a good degree, in nurturing your talents and building a distinctive personal profile, can make the difference in how far you achieve the life you want.

Make it happen
  1. Aspire. Be ambitious for yourself. Aim high, considering the portfolio of jobs you might have over many years.
  2. Investigate. Be well informed about the range of career and life options open to you – and how to access these.
  3. Reflect. Increase your self-awareness: develop good habits of introspection, self-evaluation and self-questioning. Become more attuned to what matters most to you.
  4. Decide. Put time aside to think through the implications of potential choices – and then choose a direction. Make decisions, as this brings focus to your planning and studies.
  5. Plan. Map out what to do to have a good chance of achieving the life, career and academic success you want.
  6. Personalise. Adapt your strategies to suit your individual combination of skills, strengths, experiences, interests, needs, preferences and style.
  7. Achieve. Follow through on your plans, adapting these to suit changes in your interests and ambitions.