The Study Skills Handbook

Fifth edition

by Stella Cottrell

Resource bank

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The resources in this section have been created to help you to make the most of The Study Skills Handbook. There are interactive self-evaluations, useful links and resources, mp3 podcasts and video interviews with Stella Cottrell, author of The Study Skills Handbook.
  • Developing your skills - this self-evaluation helps you to identidy which study skills you would like to develop further
  • Exam skills MP3- Download this audio file to hear how you can improve your confidence and performance during exams.
  • Critical analysis MP3 - Find out how you can improve your critical analysis and thinking in your written work, and why it is just so important.
  • Creative thinking MP3 - Practical methods for developing and enhancing your creativity
  • Managing Writing Tasks- This self-evaluation will help you to assess how good you are at managing different writing tasks and to identify areas you may need to work on.
  • Motivation - How motivated are you? Try this self-evaluation - and be frank!
  • Online research tools - Looking for good-quality online materials? These websites can be a good place to start.
  • The APT-S Study Skills Framework - In this short video, Stella Cottrell explains the APT-S study skills framework for Academic, People, Task-management and Self-management skills.
  • Why study skills are important - In this video, Stella Cottrell outlines the importance of study skills for academic life and success after graduation.
  • What to expect from academic study - Use this short interactive course to help you prepare. It is part of a wider resource called skills4studycampus which your institution can provide.