The Study Skills Handbook

Fifth edition

by Stella Cottrell


Praise for previous editions:
A comprehensive, practical and extremely user-friendly guide to studying at university and a crucial addition to any student's book list. This indispensable resource is full of useful suggestions, checklists and examples, with advice on how the latest technology can enhance and support study. Taking a holistic view of what being a student involves, this book empowers, informs and guides students to use the personal and physical resources at their disposal to become reflective, active and independent learners.– Sarah McCarthy, University of Exeter, UK
The book offers a “one-stop-shop” for the wide and varying area of study skills. It successfully and clearly pulls together a broad range of skills from personal to academic. Although aimed specifically at students in HE, readers from most levels of study would find sections of this text helpful in understanding and broadening their skills… The ability to encompass the diverse needs and capabilities of students across sectors and disciplines is a real achievement… As a study skills ‘starter for 10' readers would be hard pushed to find a better beginning.– Emma Nelson, University of Leeds, UK
This latest edition brings an already-excellent resource up-to-date, with information about apps for study, mobile learning, and balancing work and study. The Handbook is like an ideal mentor for new students – accessible, informed, friendly, and full of warmth, wisdom, and good advice. Supportive without being patronising, and informative without being bossy, this guide is of direct use for anyone setting out on the adventure of higher education.– Tim Herrick, University of Sheffield, UK
The 4th edition has been extensively revised and includes new material on research projects, case studies, time management and creative problem solving… this is an excellent handbook that should be widely used in higher education by students and teachers of skills alike as an accessible yet comprehensive resource.– Neil Winn, University of Leeds, UK
Thoroughly deserving of its reputation as the key text in essential study skills.– Murray Simpson, University of Dundee, UK
Brilliant book – essential for any undergraduate.– Jenny Fisher, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
This book just gets better and better. Probably the most user-friendly study skills handbook on the market. The extra sections just add to its “must have” status.– Margo Learmouth, Robert Gordon University, UK
Among similar books I think that Cottrell's book stands out in its innovative presentation, common sense approach and practicality… The job of universities is changing as we can no longer assume that students know how to learn – and so we must guide them. This book is an excellent support for that mission.– Keith Pond, Loughborough University, UK