The Study Skills Handbook

Fifth edition

by Stella Cottrell

What's so special about The Study Skills Handbook?


Stella Cottrell recognises that everyone is different in how they learn and in what they need to perform at their best. Her books are based on a unique approach which integrates active, personalised, visual and reflective learning.

Active, personalised learning

Plenty of hands-on activities, self-evaluation questionnaires, checklists and planners allow you to engage actively with the material. This means you can apply what you have learnt directly to you and your own experiences, making the material directly relevant to you and enabling ‘learning by doing’.

Visual learning

The book’s distinctive visual design conveys the material in a way that is neither text-heavy nor overwhelming. Illustrations serve to strengthen key points and act as memory joggers, helping to further reinforce learning.

The design, layout, blue font and use of images supports visual learners while also making the book more accessible to dyslexic students.

Reflective learning

Studying in higher education requires you to become a more independent learner and to take responsibility for your own progress. The Study Skills Handbookcontains short, reflective activities which will help you to identify your priorities and strengths, monitor your progress and pinpoint any areas in need of development.