Psychology, Mental Health and Distress

First edition

by John Cromby, David Harper & Paula Reavey

What others are saying about Psychology, Mental Health and Distress

This is the book that I have been waiting years to see. Superb, thoroughly researched and intellectually refreshing -a game changer in the field. It should be mandatory reading on every psychology course not just those dealing with mental health issues. -Ron Roberts, Kingston University, UK
A book that breaks the mold in how abnormal psychology is taught – both challenging and controversial. -Graham Turpin, University of Sheffield, UK
This is one of the most important psychology books of recent years and will doubtless become the main textbook for most 'abnormal psychology' courses. -Anne Cooke, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
This book is perfect for anybody who wants to understand - and do something about - psychological distress without falling into the fallacies of the disease model of mental illness. We need to move assertively beyond criticism and offer a genuine alternative to diagnosis and medication... and this book does exactly that. -Peter Kinderman, University of Liverpool, UK
The book gives an excellent introduction to the field of abnormal psychology and could be read by students, academics, service users and clinical psychologists both to understand the different causes to mental distress, but also how these problems could be best treated. -Roger Hagen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
This book is the first of its kind, providing an accessible, engaging, and refreshing take on the standard material, assembled by an impressive team of world-class scholars. This is an important and revolutionary resource for students and scholars alike. -Michelle LaFrance, St Thomas University, Canada
An inspiring and ambitious text - a longed-for change to passive acceptances of psychiatric categories. This book is ideal for academics and students wishing to critically probe the limitations of DSM diagnoses. -Leanne Franklin, Cardiff Metropolitan University, UK
At last! A textbook for psychology students that actually uses psychologicalconcepts to understand distress, offering a much-needed alternative to the narrow, medicalised approach of most texts. -Gail A. Hornstein, Mount Holyoke College, USA
Psychology, Mental Health and Distress offers a powerful, necessary, and timely counterpoint to standard issue “abnormal psychology” textbooks. Not content to dish out the usual fare, Cromby, Harper and Reavey carefully situate the ideas and practices of clinical psychology and psychiatry in historical and social context. Written with clarity and conviction, this text promises to bring students into critical conversations. -Jeanne Marecek, Swarthmore College, USA
In simple language and in no ambiguous terms, the authors of this book clearly bring out the limitations of current theory and research in psychiatry, abnormal and clinical psychology. The authors also go a step further to show how we can unshackle ourselves from these limitations. I whole heartedly recommend this book to both the beginning student and seasoned practitioner of mental health who is interested in helping people afflicted by mental distress. -David Lackland Sam, University of Bergen, Norway
I wish this book had been around when I was an undergraduate. Two aspects of the book are especially important. First, recognising the importance of culture in mental health, and secondly, giving a voice to mental health service users. -Kate Bennett, University of Liverpool, UK