Organisational Behaviour

An Introduction

by Christine Cross and Ronan Carbery Human Resource Management Human Resource Development

About this book

This innovative new textbook shows how research into human behaviour can be applied in the workplace. It assumes no prior work experience, instead asking you to draw on everyday occurrences and complete a range of activities to deepen your understanding of core topics such as personality, perception and motivation.

It offers:
  • In Reality vignettes that demonstrate how OB is not merely common sense, but based on rigorous scientific evidence that often contradicts our assumptions
  • An international approach to OB, with Active Case Studies and OB in the News boxes in every chapter, providing examples from the UK, Ireland, the Middle East, China, Germany, Spain, New Zealand, Switzerland and Japan
  • Coverage of contemporary issues such as social networking, ethics, diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Making Links flags to show how different theories work in parallel in practice, and longer case studies bringing several themes together
  • Spotlight on Skills exercises which link to bespoke video interviews with a range of business professionals from organisations such as Eurostar and Which?, as well as a former All Blacks rugby star
  • Building Your Skills features which put you in the shoes of a manager and help you to write reports, give presentations, make difficult decisions and implement solutions in the workplace
  • Access to a free interactive eBook containing a wealth of multimedia content, including videos and self-test questions