The Millennial Millionaire

by Spinder Dhaliwal
The inspirational young entrepreneurs featured in this book have all set out to solve the problems they see in the world and are testament to what can be achieved, no matter your age. If you have ever thought about defying convention, throwing caution to the wind and taking the entrepreneurial path, this is the book for you. -Johnny Luk, CEO of NACUE (National Association of College & University Entrepreneurs)
We welcome this book on youth entrepreneurship, which will no doubt inspire more budding entrepreneurs to explore, develop and launch their own business ideas. -Martina Milburn, Chief Executive of The Prince’s Trust
This engaging book conveys the excitement, the passion, the pain and the pleasure of starting your own business. If you’ve got the spark, this book will drive you on! -Emeritus Professor Ken O’Neill, co-author of Understanding Enterprise