Sales Management

Third edition

by Bill Donaldson


Change is the one certainty. For selling, sales operations and for sales managers, changes in information technology (IT), in the globalisation of business and in the importance of key customers have had dramatic effects on sales operations over recent years. Understanding these changes and assessing their impact are the main ways in which this edition has been modified. The third edition of this book incorporates suggested organisational responses to these changes in markets, competition and customers. This requires new thinking on the role of salespeople. There is a new chapter on technology; the chapter on international selling has been expanded as has the chapter on relationship selling and major account management. Hopefully the layout is more reader friendly. Chapter objectives have been supplemented with definitions, key concepts and learning objectives. There are more exam questions, new case vignettes and new longer case studies. Supplementary reading and useful web sites have been added.

There are three new chapters and many others which have been substantially changed. The cases for discussion at the end of each chapter have been revised and updated, and three new larger case studies have been added. These cases can be used as the basis of more extensive class discussion, for training purposes or as assignments as part of student course work.

The text still aims to meet the needs of undergraduate and postgraduate students taking an elective in sales management and for those students studying with the Chartered Institute of Marketing. An instructor’s manual with overhead examples, specimen answers and case study notes is available for teachers adopting this text.

I hope you find this new edition of the book both readable and worthwhile.

Aberdeen Business School
The Robert Gordon University