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Stand Out from the Crowd

Key Skills for Study, Work and Life

by Laura Dorian and Eleanor Loughlin

Stand Out from the Crowd takes a hands-on approach to skills development and will help your students to stand out when applying for jobs. It:

  • Integrates academic and employability skills so that students can easily make connections between skills gained at university and skills which are sought after by employers
  • Includes coverage of valuable entrepreneurial attributes such as innovation, creativity and adaptability
  • Contains self-assessments, reflections and activities throughout to help students apply ideas and skills to their own situation

This companion website contains resources to help you either develop and deliver skills-focussed workshops, or integrate skills development into your teaching.

Session templates, which can be adapted to suit the needs of your students, contain:

  • Clear and tangible learning outcomes
  • Activities to help your students develop their skills – individually or in groups
  • Examples of CVs and cover letters and more