European Union Resource Area

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The European Union on the web

Compiled and maintained by John McCormick


  • Europa
    The key official EU web site, with links to the sites of all the major institutions and services.
  • European Navigator
    A web site containing information on the history, institutions, and activities of the EU.

Major EU institutions

Selected European Commission delegations


  • Political Resources on the Net
    Click on 'Europe' for individual states, and on 'European Union' for the EU. Contains links to European organizations, media sites, political parties, and EU institutions.
  • CIA World Factbook
  • Europeana
    A web site containing a wealth of information on European culture, including images, maps, photos, texts, archival papers, and audiovisual resources.

Other key international organizations

Non-governmental organizations

News about Europe

  • Café
    A multilingual European current affairs magazine that describes itself as 'providing a unique platform of expression for the 'eurogeneration', the first generation living Europe on a day-by-day basis thanks to the Erasmus study exchange programme'.
  • EUbusiness
    A web site with news on business and finance in Europe.
  • European Voice
    The independent weekly newspaper published by The Economist Group since 1995.
  • The
    A source of news on events in the major EU institutions, providing a forum for MEPs, European commissioners and representatives of national governments.
  • EurActiv
    An independent web site focusing on policy developments in the EU.
  • E!Sharp
    A bimonthly analysis magazine created in 2002.
  • EUObserver
    Founded in 2000 to support the debate on European affairs.

Academic bodies/institutions

Research resources


  • European Council on Foreign Relations
    Created in 2007 with teh goal of promoting 'an awareness of the need for a more coherent and vigorous European foreign policy'.
  • Centre for European Policy Studies
    Brussels-based think tank that carries out and encourages research on EU policy and provides a forum for discussions among stakeholders in the European policy process.
  • European Policy Centre
    Brussels-based think-tank that provides information and analysis on the EU policy agenda.
  • Trans-European Policy Studies Association
    A network of leading research institutes in the field of European affairs, with headquarters in Brussels. It aims to provide high quality research on European integration in order to stimulate discussion on policies and political options for Europe.
  • Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies
    Stockholm-based body that conducts and promotes research on, and analysis of, European policy issues within the disciplines of political science, law and economics and trade.

Academic journals