Modern Languages Series

Foundations, Breakthrough and Mastering modern languages

by Palgrave Macmillan

What is the Foundations Language Series?

Foundations Languages are specifically for non-specialist language learners following institution-wide language programmes (IWLPs). Written by experienced IWLP practitioners, the series is aimed at beginners, post-beginners and intermediate students. 

Features of each course

  • Designed to cover two terms and fit into the 20-24 week teaching year
    Every unit has a self-study section for non-contact hours
  • French 1, French 2, Italian 1 and Spanish 1 have 2 CDs included with the book (from May 08)
  • A range of listening material with and without transcripts
  • Units provide a range of exercises (individual, pair and group work)
  • Each unit has a dedicated Partner Work section
  • Written with the needs and interests of the HE student, including the growing numbers of international students, in mind – a move away from tourism based courses.
  • All four language skills are emphasised throughout the course
  • Grammar points are picked up through the units and explained in detail
  • A minimum of English is used in the books
Complete tapescripts for lecturers are available free either by download from this site or on request from Lecturer Services or call +44 (0)1256 302794