Innovation Management

Effective strategy and implementation

by Keith Goffin and Rick Mitchell


This is without doubt one of the most comprehensive books in the area of innovation and innovation management that I have come across. It is an invaluable resource for students and managers alike. The best part is that it has many cases and insights from all over the world to bring innovation alive and show how it has been successfully achieved in practice. - Massimo Garbuio, Senior Lecturer in Entrepreneurship, University of Sydney Business School, Australia
With accessing and applying external and collaborative innovation high on the agenda of most technology-driven organisations this revised edition is a timely update. A hands-on and practical companion, built on a solid platform of research and tried and tested experience, it provides students, teachers and practitioners an in-depth guide to the complexities of innovation management that I thoroughly endorse. - Mark Farmery, Senior Business Development Manager, Karolinska Institutet Innovations AB, Sweden
The book provides both the academic rigour and the practical application demanded by my post-graduate students. It is imminently accessible because it is so well structured. I hold the authors in very high regard and commend them for yet again providing a high quality learning tool. - Professor Chris van der Hoven,Strategy & Innovation lecturer and Academic Director, Wits Business School , University of Witwatersrand, South Africa
In the third edition Goffin and Mitchel display an up-to-date knowledge of the innovation management field which helps students and managers to understand and put into practice the difficult, but important task of managing innovative activities. The clear structure of the book and a number international cases assist students to learn and reflect effectively. - Kristian Philipsen, Associate Professor, Department of Entrepreneurship and Relationship Management, University of Southern Denmark
This comprehensive textbook is an excellent resource for those exploring innovation for the first time. Equally, it covers a breadth of modern management theory and principals of practice which make it just as relevant for the experienced manager. A key feature of the book is the interesting and informative case studies which connect with the real world practice of innovation and highlight key concepts for the reader. - Scott Gordon, PhD Director, Entrepreneurship, Commercialisation and Innovation Centre, The University of Adelaide, Australia
A most inspiring book! It encompasses a holistic approach to Innovation Management and case studies enrich the textbook, covering a wide range of industry sectors and countries. This new edition is a strongly recommended textbook for students and academics. - Ana Martins, Associate Professor in Leadership, Graduate School of Business & Leadership, University of Kwazulu-Natal, Westville, South Africa.
With Innovation Management, Keith Goffin and Rick Mitchell present a sensible theoretical and practical guide to one of the burning challenges of this century – how to manage for innovation. Using numerous cases and practical examples, connecting strategic to operational matters, they provide an important and invaluable toolbox to students and practitioners. - Dr. Christoph Johann Stettina, Research & Innovation, Centre for Innovation, Leiden University, The Netherlands
This book by Goffin and Mitchell gives an insight into innovation management of today. For us in academia who work as innovation support professionals it gives knowledge about different tools and serves as an inspiration in our work. - Pirkko Tamsen, Director, Uppsala University Innovation, Sweden
The book is an essential read for students of innovation management as well as those charged with the task of driving innovation forward. Goffin and Mitchell have provided a comprehensive analysis of innovation management. The reader is presented with a multi-faceted framework approach to the topic. Each facet is dealt with in an easy to understand manner and supported with a collection of industry related case studies. An important contribution to the book is the chapter on innovation performance and capability. - Colman Ledwith, Lecturer, Dundalk Institute of Technology, Ireland