Infection Prevention and Control

Applied Microbiology for Healthcare, second edition

by Dinah Gould and Chris Brooker

About this book

Knowledge of how infection occurs, the precautions required to contain it and methods of preventing infection occurring in the first place is essential information for everybody who works in health and social care settings.

Did you know that 1 in 12 patients admitted to acute hospitals will develop a healthcare-associated infection?

The aim of this book

As a fully revised version of Applied Microbiology for Nurses, this book introduces many contemporary infection control issues. More space is given to infections which are becoming more common, with particular attention given to key current issues such as the threat of bird flu, SARS and MRSA. The subject of infection control is certainly prominent in today’s society and this introductory text book aims to give all students and non-specialist practitioners a thorough understanding of infections, introducing the reader to complex concepts, but explaining them clearly. Furthermore, readers are supported in their learning by information boxes, lists of chapter outcomes, a full glossary and self-assessment questions, with the answers given at the back of the book.

In order to help make this book accessible and user friendly it has been divided into three parts, allowing the reader to access different issues related to all aspects of infection quickly and easily. Quite simply, Part I is about microbiology; Part II introduces the principles of how to control, treat and prevent infection, and finally, Part III includes chapters on all different types of infections and specific details about these.

Readers should be aware that this book should not be used as a primary source for prescribing, dispensing or administering drugs. Readers should also be aware that the publication of new research findings and guidelines concerning infection prevention and control will continue to affect their evidence-based practice.

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Who is this book for?

This book is for students and practitioners who work in health and social care settings.

It is recommended reading for:
  • Pre-registration nursing courses
  • Pre-registration midwifery courses
  • NVQ courses for health care assistants
  • NVQ course for care assistants in social care
  • Return to nursing courses
  • First-year undergraduate microbiology courses
  • Specialist infection and control courses

Information about the authors

Dinah Gould

Dinah is Professor of Applied Health at City University, London. Her programmes of research include infection prevention, especially hand hygiene, patient safety and the prevention of iatrogenesis. She had been teaching nurses and other health professionals since 1982.

Chris Brooker

Chris is a self-employed author and editor. She worked as a ward sister before moving into nurse education in 1976 and has taught nurses in a variety of settings. Since 1988 she has written and edited many books for nurses and other health professionals.

Published August 2008
368 pages • Paperback • £24.99
ISBN: 9780230507531