Infection Prevention and Control

Applied Microbiology for Healthcare, second edition

by Dinah Gould and Chris Brooker

This website provides learning support and additional resources for all readers of the book Infection Prevention and Control, whether student, lecturer or practitioner.

In an easy to navigate structure, the website contains a host of information related to the book, including extra resources and test questions. Particular features are: printable versions of the book’s content, a glossary, sets of multiple choice questions for each chapter, and critical thinking questions which can be used for self study or to promote discussion in groups.

About this book

Clearly illustrated throughout, this comprehensive book provides essential information about how infection occurs, how it should be prevented and how it can be contained.

Infection Prevention and Control features:
  • Practice boxes with suggested activities to demonstrate clinical application
  • Self-assessment questions with answers
  • Increased coverage of ‘new’ diseases and emerging infection risks worldwide
  • Listed learning outcomes at the start of each chapter
  • Information boxes to aid explanation of important concepts of applied microbiology
The book is divided into three parts, with Part I covering the fundamental aspects of microbiology, Part II presenting the key principles of infection prevention, control and treatment and Part III comprehensively dealing with particular aspects of infection, in order to aid application to practice.

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