Infection Prevention and Control

Applied Microbiology for Healthcare, second edition

by Dinah Gould and Chris Brooker

Test yourself

Critical thinking questions

Critical thinking question 1

Karen and Gary, who are expecting their first baby next month, have some anxieties about the number of vaccinations in the current schedule of immunization. They followed the adverse publicity about the MMR vaccine and are generally uneasy about vaccinations. They ask if it is necessary to have all of these because they have never heard about anyone having some of the diseases.

What points would you make to support the importance of having infants and children vaccinated?

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Critical thinking question 2

A friend has been prescribed a 7 day course of antibiotic drugs for an infected wound caused by a dog bite. After 2 days of treatment she tells you that the wound is so much better and as it no longer hurts she is thinking about stopping taking the antibiotics.

Apart from the risks to her wound by not completing the course, why do you think that this is a bad idea?

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Critical thinking question 3

A patient/resident has fallen and cut his head and his scalp is bleeding profusely. There is some blood on the floor and you ask a newly qualified nurse to deal with it and he tells you that he has not dealt with a blood spillage before.

Once you have organised care of the patient/resident and informed the person in charge who will contact the necessary people and complete the correct forms/reports, what would you tell the nurse about dealing with the blood spillage using sodium dichloroisocyanurate (NaDDC) powder or granules.

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