Palgrave foundations series

by Bryan Greetham

Essay plans

In the following essay plans you will find that the introductions are not included, for the simple reason that it is not possible to plan an introduction until you know what you will be introducing. But when you write your introduction it is useful to keep in mind that there are two key things that your readers will look for: two questions that they will want answered.
  1. Have you analysed the implications of the question? Let your readers know that you have seen the point of the question.
  2. Have you outlined the structure, the map, of the essay, so that readers will know clearly what you are doing at any point in the essay and are in no danger of getting lost?
As for conclusions these, too, are not included in the plans. There are a number ways you may choose to use them to make your essay effective. You can:
  1. Present your own opinions in the form of conclusions as long as they match the strength of your arguments.
  2. Summarise the main points.
  3. Pick up the theme of the introduction.
  4. Suggest wider implications.
  5. Predict future trends.
For more detailed advice on how to use introductions and conclusions and other aspects of essay writing see, How to Write Better Essays by Bryan Greetham, or our free study skills site at

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