Challenging Global Inequality

Development theory and practice in the 21st century

by Alastair Greig, David Hulme, and Mark Turner

Chapter by chapter resources - Chapter 1

Review Questions

  • What difference does it make to our understanding of inequality by assessing it across countries, within countries, and across the world’s people?
  • Has the world become a healthier, wealthier place over the past 100 years?
  • Do modern communication technologies help us address inequalities?
  • What endowment factors might contribute to poverty?
  • Do the wealthy inhibit the development prospects of the poor?
  • In the early twenty-first century, what factors have contributed to a growing sense of unease with the direction of ‘progress’?
  • Why has development become the global problem rather than the global answer for many environmentalists?
  • Can everyone in the world attain the same levels of material affluence as those living in the richer countries?
  • Why might Hobsbawm argue that ‘inequality of opportunity in the world will be one of the crucial factors in the future of mankind’?
  • Are global wealth and global poverty interconnected?

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The UC Inequality Atlas is an excellent place to begin exploring global inequality. It also contains highly relevant articles and information on specific countries:

The monthly magazine New Internationalist deals with special features relating to poverty and inequality:http://www/

Third World Traveler uploads articles of interest on issues relating to the relationship between the rich and poor countries:

This academic site (The Róbinson Rojas Archive) contains a wealth of information and useful articles on the political economy of global inequality:

The Third World Network publishes a monthly web magazine devoted to perspectives from the poorer countries:

IDEAs, the International Development Economics Associates provides an informative site run from New Delhi that deals with the economics of global inequality and information on specific countries: