Foundations of Marketing

by Jonathan Groucutt

This resource site has been designed to provide support and extension activities for all users of this text whether you’re a lecturer organising your teaching around the book or a student looking for material to help direct and reinforce your learning.

This Palgrave Macmillan Companion Website has free access and you’re invited to explore all areas of the site as you please.

We envisage this site to be used in tandem with the textbook to create and deliver a complete teaching package for lecturers and students.

The website is divided into the following sections and sub sections:

Chapters . These follow the same headings as the book, and then segmented into the following sections.
  • The Seminar Room
    This section is sub divided into geographical regions to provide you with both a regional and international flavour for the subject material. The Seminar Room includes updates to content in the book, new items (including news stories), new mini cases and questions for reflection.
  • The Café
    This is where the author proposes ideas and thoughts that you may want to consider individually or with colleagues. Some may be controversial such as do we really need marketing? Or is marketing ethical? Is PR just spin?
  • The Library
    This features suggested further reading, website addresses and links to other resources.
Test bank . This contains a series of test questions both in multiple choice and essay formats. You can use these to test your overall knowledge of the subject area.

Further updates will be included on a regular basis, so please revisit the site. We hope that you find the website both interesting and informative.

Wishing you a successful and enjoyable academic year.