Sales Management

A multinational perspective

by Paolo Guenzi and Susi Geiger


This collection represents an unusual achievement in the literature - a genuinely rich multinational set of conceptual and empirical contributions to a better understanding of the imperatives facing sales management in the tough current environment we all face. The contributions presented are individually interesting and original and together they make an outstanding contribution to moving the field forward. I have no hesitation in recommending this book to marketing and sales executives and scholars worldwide.- Professor Nigel F Piercy, Professor of Marketing & Strategy and Associate Dean,Warwick Business School, The University of Warwick, UK
Considering the practical importance to business, the scarcity of sound research-based books on sales management is alarming. Guenzi and Geiger have put together a wide-ranging book based on a detailed model of sales management, ranging from strategy through structure and processes, to people management. They provide a number of case studies and models that will make the book of interest to sales academics as well as practitioners.- Professor Lynette Ryals, Professor of Strategic Sales and Account Management, Cranfield School of Management, UK
Current academic and executive education still does not meet the utmost importance and variety of sales and sales management in business practice. The edited book Sales Management by Paolo Guenzi and Susi Geiger with its numerous cases and latest research findings contributes to improving sales education, and furthermore serves sales managers as an important guidebook in their daily business.- Christian Homburg, Professor of Marketing, University of Mannheim, Germany