Sales Management

A multinational perspective

by Paolo Guenzi and Susi Geiger

Table of contents

  • Sales Management in the 21st Century

PART ONE: Formulation of the sales program: defining sales strategies and sales force culture

  • Managing change in the sales force
  • Integrating Sales and Marketing
  • Designing and implementing a key account management strategy
  • Delegation of Pricing Authority to Sales People
  • Customer relationship management system implementation in sales organizations
  • Ethics in personal selling & sales management

PART TWO: Formulation of the sales program: defining sales force investment and structure

  • Sales planning and forecasting
  • Sales force organization and territory design
  • Sizing the sales force
  • International Selling

PART THREE: Implementation of the sales program: creating & developing competencies

  • Sales force recruitment and selection
  • Sales Force Training

PART FOUR: Implementation of the sales program: directing efforts

  • Team Leadership and coaching
  • Sales Control Systems
  • Sales Force Motivation
  • Sales force compensation

PART FIVE: Sales People's responses

  • Salespeople's Self-Management: Salespeople's Knowledge, Emotions and Behaviours

PART SIX: Evaluation of the sales force

  • Sales force performance and evaluation