Work Communication

Mediated and Face-to-Face Practices

by Maureen Guirdham Communicating Across Cultures at Work


The key strength of the book is in the careful research on the mediated version of interaction. This is both useful and original. - Anne Marie Bulow, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Both timely and topical, the text clearly and effectively achieves its stated purpose to address the practical skills central to both face-to-face and mediated interpersonal work communication. The demonstrable link between research and the more pragmatic ‘guidelines’ provided throughout the text is a key strength of the work. - Donna Henson, Bond University, Australia
This book reflects a high level of scholarship and command of the material, with the inclusion of recent material and publications representing a comprehensive overview of the “state of play”. It is sufficiently comprehensive for those of a non-communications background to grasp the basic concepts that inform the background knowledge of the area. - Fred Morrison, Ulster University, UK
This is a scholarly work with a great depth of research underpinning it. It represents a comprehensive review of the issues of communication at work. A very impressive book! - Mike Davies, Winchester Business School, UK