Work Communication

Mediated and Face-to-Face Practices

by Maureen Guirdham Communicating Across Cultures at Work

Table of contents

Part I – The Revolution in Work Communication

  1. Introduction
  2. Work Communication Modes

Part II – Core Processes in Work Communication

  1. Social Cognition and Impression Formation
  2. Contributing to Communication, Self-Presentation and Impression Management
  3. Interaction
  4. Demography, Culture, Situation and Mode as Influences on Communication
  5. Intrapersonal Influences on Communication
  6. Influencing, Handling Conflict and Negotiating

Part III – The Impact of the Communication Revolution on Work and Organization

  1. Co-operation, Work Relations, Knowledge Sharing and Co-ordination
  2. Working in Groups and Teams
  3. Management and Leadership
  4. Organizational Structures and Cultures
  5. Inter-Organizational Relations