Econometrics by Example

by Damodar Gujarati

Endorsements and praise for Econometrics by Example

Econometrics by Example is another innovative textbook by Professor Damodar Gujarati. The numerous in-depth examples not only provide greater insight for students and practitioners of economics, but will also be useful for students in other areas of the social sciences. - Frank J. Fabozzi, Yale School of Management, USA
I am impressed with this new approach to the study of econometrics. It uses accessible and interesting examples, and the explanations offered are crystal clear. This will appeal to both undergraduate and Masters students of econometrics. - Brendan McCabe, Liverpool University, UK
I've needed this text for the last 20 years. Why didn't I write it? - Robert D. Duval, Department of Political Science, University of West Virginia, USA
Clear strengths of this text are the comprehensive set of models presented and the author's expertise in time series econometrics. Moreover, the writing style is engaging and direct and the breadth of material covered is very good indeed. - Timothy Park, University of Georgia, USA
…when it comes to getting clear answers to my basic questions, I always reach for Guj … I wouldn't try to learn econometrics without the Guj. - Student reviewer,