The Theory and Practice of Change Management

5th Edition

by John Hayes

Praise for the book

It would be hard to improve on the last edition of Hayes’s book, but this version does. Wonderfully clear, it is a useful book for course leaders in the human side of strategy, and a great lifelong-learning companion for anyone moving into a change agent’s role or looking to change their organisation. The new, reframed chapters on making change stick are a great addition. -Peter Antonioni, UCL School of Management, UK.
Getting people to change, even when it is in their best interest to do so, is the most difficult task faced by any leader. Hayes makes this content readily accessible, in one of the best management texts I have ever read. -Nicholas S. Miceli, Park University, USA.
In our turbulent times, the management of organizational change has become more important than ever. John Hayes’s book systemizes the complex field of change management and orders it into a clear and logical process. Highly recommended reading for both students and practitioners who want to learn how change management works and why. -Arjan Kozica, ESB Business School, Reutlingen University, Germany.
This text has three great strengths as an effective learning resource: it is one of the few texts where chapters clearly align with managing the change process; it emphasises the people management issues associated with implementing change; and each chapter provides at least one brief practical case study, drawing from a range of industries and organisations located around the globe. -Jan Fermelis, Deakin University, Australia.
This excellent book gives a thorough view of the many forms and stages of change management processes in today's organisations. The multimedia learning aids and case studies unpack crucial issues further for the reader, offering useful insights into reasons for the possible success or failure of various change initiatives. -Tom Calvard, University of Edinburgh Business School, UK.
Organizational change is a complex and paradoxical phenomenon. Scholars endlessly discuss the dilemmas and conflicting epistemological stances, while practitioners need insightful examples, clear frameworks and practical guidelines on how to realize change successfully. In a marvelously comprehensible way, John Hayes offers a clear balance between both worlds and by doing so demystifies the world of change management. I strongly recommend this book to practitioners and scholars alike. -Antonie van Nistelrooij, Vrije Universitet Amsterdam, Netherlands.
There is a lot to like about this textbook! John Hayes guides us through the challenges of managing organisational change and combines important theoretical concepts with practical exercises on how to facilitate change more effectively. All students and industry practitioners would benefit from the ideas and concepts in this text—a must read for all who want to make a difference and manage change successfully. -Jane Boeske, University of Southern Queensland, Australia.
This updated edition of John Hayes’s text offers a useful structure for students and instructors to understand managing change in an organizational context. Interesting case studies and examples, from both a regional and global vantage, help those with an interest in, or already working for, national and multi-national organizations. Valuable reading, and an excellent study tool! -Alastair Watson, University of Wollongong in Dubai
The text does a fine job detailing change management processes, balancing theory, and covering the tools necessary for practitioners. It has rapidly become a staple in my organization change graduate course. -Arthur Sementelli, Florida Atlantic University, USA