The Theory and Practice of Change Management

Fourth edition

by John Hayes


This is a comprehensive and well-written text offering a strong balance of theory and practice, and the case studies really bring concepts to life. I would strongly recommend this book on my course. -Venkataraman Nilakant, University of Canterbury, New Zealand
A pragmatic, thorough and systematic guide to managing change replete with tools and examples. The central framework traces a fundamental journey of steps in an intuitive, comprehensive way. -Tom Calvard, University of Edinburgh, UK
The real world of organizational change management comes very much alive given the current treatment by the author. -Andrew Chan, City University, Hong Kong
Organisational change and change management are large complex areas of study. This book does a great job in distilling a lot of data, research and material into a logical process that students can get to grips with. The new chapter one is fantastic and the focus on process models at this stage will really help students begin to think about how 'change' is conceptualised. -Dr Joanne Murphy, Queen's University Belfast, UK
The fourth edition represents in my view a major overhaul to the text, which is now much improved in terms of accessibility and the new structure represents a more fluid and progressive approach to the change process. This book represents an impressive contribution to the body of knowledge on change management. -Allan Ramdhony, Edinburgh Napier University, UK