The Theory and Practice of Change Management

Fourth edition

by John Hayes

Audiovisual tutorials

Click the links below to launch 10 audiovisual tutorials featuring animated slides and voiceover from the author. They can be used for revision after these ideas have been introduced in class or as pre-class reading.
The first three tutorials explore change from a process perspective.

Tutorials 1 and 2: Process models of change

These two tutorials focus on competing process models and the impact of reactive and self-reinforcing sequences on outcomes - concepts that are presented in chapter 1.

Tutorial 3: Leading change: A process perspective

This tutorial builds on the ideas presented in chapter 1 and introduces a process model of change based on teleological and dialectal theories. The model provides the conceptual framework for the ideas discussed in chapters 3-30.

Tutorials 4-10

Tutorials 4-10 provide overviews of Parts II - VIII of the book. The tutorial for Part III (Diagnosis) is more detailed than most.