The Theory and Practice of Change Management

Fourth edition

by John Hayes

Multiple choice questions

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Chapter 1: Process models of change

Chapter 2: Leading change: a process perspective

Chapter 3: Patterns of change

Chapter 4: Recognizing a need or opportunity for change

Chapter 5: Starting the change

Chapter 6: Building change relationships

Chapter 7: Diagnosis

Chapter 8: Gathering and interpreting information

Chapter 9: The role of leadership in change management

Chapter 10: Power, politics and stakeholder management

Chapter 11: Communicating change

Chapter 12: Motivating others to change

Chapter 13: Supporting others through change

Chapter 14: Shaping implementation strategies

Chapter 15: Developing a change plan

Chapter 16: Types of intervention

Chapter 17: Action research

Chapter 18: Appreciative inquiry

Chapter 19: Training and development

Chapter 20: High performance management

Chapter 21: Business process re-engineering

Chapter 22: Lean

Chapter 23: Culture profiling

Chapter 24: Selecting interventions

Chapter 25: Implementing change

Chapter 26: Reviewing and keeping the change on track

Chapter 27: Making change stick

Chapter 28: Spreading change

Chapter 29: Individual and collective learning