Global Politics

First edition

by Andrew Heywood


"Concise and comprehensive, an excellent introduction to contemporary International Relations which thoughtfully engages with key global issues. Written in an accessible and engaging style, its blend of history and theory will challenge, stimulate and enlighten students. -Marc Williams, University of New South Wales, Australia
Global Politics shows once again that Heywood is the master of the introductory text. Without losing the nuances of an ever more complex field, this wonderfully laid out textbook logically and clearly takes the reader step-by-step through its various dimensions, bringing to life along the way the conflicting positions, debates and trends that make the subject so fascinating. -Richard Stubbs, McMaster University, Canada
An impressive text which will be a considerable asset to any course on global politics and international relations. It is very well structured and presented and the author has done an excellent job of covering a great deal of ground clearly, effectively and in a way that will resonate with students. -Garrett Wallace Brown, University of Sheffield, UK
Comprehensive in breadth and impressive in depth, nuanced yet accessible, reader friendly and packed with useful features, this is an excellent introduction to world politics. -Pinar Bilgin, Bilkent University, Turkey and President, CEEISA
Excellent! A first-rate text which I look forward to using in class. Rich in themes, comprehensive in scope and beautifully woven together with illuminating theoretical threads, it introduces IR but also moves beyond and its innovative lay-out will fire students’ imagination. -Torbjørn L Knutsen, University of Trondheim (NTNU), Norway
A first-rate and well-written textbook which covers a diverse range of pertinent questions, arguments and perspectives crucial for any student of world politics while engaging with the central issues of our times. -Anna M. Agathangelou, York University, Canada
Accessible and comprehensive as it is innovative, this is a splendid introduction and one truly crafted for our times. Its clarity of exposition and extensive use of illustrative materials bring global politics to life. And its novel combination of the great traditions of international relations theory with a more multidisciplinary approach provides students with the tools necessary to understand the complex forces shaping the 21st century world. -Tony McGrew, University of Strathclyde, UK
Truly global without neglecting the international. Comprehensive, theoretically grounded and impressively integrated, Heywood’s thoughtful and clearly-written new introduction has the potential to change how international relations is taught. -Terry Nardin, National University of Singapore, Singapore
This lucid and comprehensive text introduces a broad array of key concepts and shows how a wide range of analytical approaches can illuminate contemporary global affairs. -Peter J. Katzenstein, Cornell University and past president APSA, USA
A fantastic book. Enjoyably written, exhaustive in coverage, and genuinely global in perspective, Heywood’s excellent text is simply the best currently available. -Nick Bisley, La Trobe University, Australia
An excellent starting point for anyone wanting their students to think critically and creatively about 21st century global politics. Combining meaningful engagement with key global issues... with nuanced coverage of traditional international relations concerns... it is the most comprehensive, theoretically and historically-informed introductory text available. -Jacqui True, University of Auckland