Global Politics

First edition

by Andrew Heywood


General sites

BBC news provides twenty four hour coverage of recent events around the world.

CNN also provides twenty four hour news coverage, but from an American rather than British standpoint.

The Economist
Interesting news analysis and blogs for a liberal perspective on current affairs.

CIA World Factbook:
Up-to-date general information on countries around the world.
This website provides official government web pages listed by country
This is a useful site of international organizations

Although this website does not always provide the most accurate information, it is sometimes a useful source for references or general background information.

BBC World Service World Lectures: challenging the global order
This site provides access to the full-text of a series of four lectures on globalization and international relations which were broadcast by the BBC World Service. They include: Dr Hanan Ashrawi on globalization and its impact on issues of power and sovereignty; Professor Ali Mazrui on western culture in an age of globalisation, Dr Sergei Karaganov on relations between Russia and the West and Kishore Mahbubani on relations between the western and non-western world. All lectures are available in audio or textual formats for downloading.

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1 – Introducing Global Politics
This website provides access to writing on the globalization debate and useful related links

Third World Traveler
This website provides access to documents and articles covering a wide range of issues concerning globalization.

Royal Institute of International Affairs
Research and news analysis on international affairs (focus on Development, Economy and Security)

Link to the full text of Hobbes’ Leviathan (other editions available elsewhere)

Kant Archive
Archive of Kant’s political writings

Perpetual Peace
Kant’s Perpetual Peace; another important work on international relations

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2 – Historical Context

Avalon Project at Yale Law School
The Avalon Project aims to provide access to documents relating to law, history, economics, politics, diplomacy and government over the internet.

Parallel History Project
Publications and documents on the Warsaw Pact as well as other major events and features of the Cold War.

Diary of Anatoly Chernyaev
Anatoly Chernyaev was a senior advisor to Gorbachev. This resource is from the National Security Archive, an independent research institute and library for declassified documents from the US government.

Woodrow Wilson Centre to International Scholars
Contains a variety of resources for historical events (see cold war international history project) as well as international current affairs news and analysis.

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3 – Theories of Global Politics
An interactive forum for discussion of debates in International Relations with an emphasis on the underlying theoretical issues.

International Political Sociology section of the International Studies Association
Includes a wealth of resources on debates surrounding globalization, including journals, further web links, opinions and news.

Conversations with History
Harry Kreisler, Director of the Institute of International Studies at the University Of California, Berkeley, conducts interviews with key figures from the spectrum of global political theory.

For Social constructivist views, search Mead, Haas, Benhabib and Koh in the conversations with history search bar.

For Realists search: Kenneth Waltz in Conversations with History.

Back to the Future of Political Realism
An interview on the persisting role of political realism with Nicolas Guilhot.

The Prince
Machiavelli’s The Prince, for a classical contribution to realist thinking.

Open Democracy News Forum
World news analysis from a liberal perspective.

The Cato Institute
A public policy research institute with a neoliberal agenda.

Marxist Internet Archive
Library of Marxist documents for a critical perspective on global issues.

International Forum on Globalization
A North-South research and educational institution composed of leading activists, economists, scholars, and researchers providing analysis and critiques on the cultural, social, political, and environmental impacts of economic globalization.

Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
An introduction to critical theory. Stanford Encyclopaedia is a highly useful resource for many of the theories discussed in this chapter.

New Left Review
A monthly journal for articles on debates within global politics from critical perspectives, particularly postcolonial.

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4 – The Economy in a Global Age

World Economic Forum
Independent international forum with news reports and articles on the debates surrounding global economics.

Peter G. Peterson Institute for International Economics
Independent, non-profit, non-partisan American research institution devoted to the study of international economic policy, especially in anticipating emerging issues and offering "practical ideas, presented in user-friendly formats, to inform and shape public debate." Many working papers, policy briefs, speeches, testimonies, and so forth are online.

Library of Economics and Liberty
A well respected research institute containing concise encyclopaedia and articles on a variety of economic ideas in practice – global and domestic.

Brookings Institution
A highly regarded public policy organisation providing research into public policy, with a focus on economic policy.

Finance and Development
The quarterly magazine of the IMF publishes articles on International Economics and Global development.

ESDS International
A step-by step guide through the most up-to-date statistics on the direction of global trade, published by the IMF.

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5 – The State and Foreign Policy in a Global Age

Foreign Affairs Online
World news and links to useful websites and information.

Foreign Policy Research Institute
A non-profit organization “devoted to bringing the insights of scholarship to bear on the development of policies that advance U.S. national interests”. Researches and publishes work on a variety of issues within foreign policy, including relations with the Middle East, China, Russia, Japan, nuclear proliferation as well as the war on terror.

Council on Foreign Relations
An independent non-partisan membership organization dedicated to promoting the understanding of foreign policy choices facing the US and other countries. The website contains publications and expert opinion examining foreign policy initiatives and theories.

The G20
Group of Twenty homepage under the French Presidency.

Carleton’s Country Indicators for Foreign Policy Project
A project to enable international engagement with failed and fragile states by investigating the causes of state failure and a framework within which these can be addressed by the international community.

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6 – Society in a Global Age

World Social Forum - Charter of Principles
A network forum for NGOs and other civil society organisations formed to discuss issues facing the world today, which is critical of the dominance of neoliberalism in global politics.

'Global Civil Society: Changing the World?’
A paper by Jan Aart Scholte which examines the nature and significance of global civil society.
Articles written by Ulrich Beck on issues relating to global society

Institute for Public Policy Research
A progressive think tank which aims to promote a democratic world society through policy innovations.

Google Corporation
The corporate website of Google, which covers their company philosophy, business overview and the technology they use.

NGO Branch of the UN Secretariat
Provides relevant advice and information concerning NGOs to representatives of the United Nations system, Member States and civil society.

‘NGOs and Social Movements: A North/South Divide?’
An article on global social movements.

Global Issues
Recent statistics on global consumption and inequalities.

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7 – The Nation in a Global Age

Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy
Use this link to access an article on the nature and varieties of nationalism, as well as moral debates about it.

Scalibrini Centre for Migration Studies
The site gives access to research, specialized publications - including periodical, monographs and papers - conferences and other educational activities devoted to deepening understanding of migration in several aspects.

International Affairs
By Suite 101 – an introduction to the debate about whether multiculturalism is compatible with nationalism.

‘Western nationalism and Eastern Nationalism’
Article by Benedict Anderson on nationalism in Asia and Europe.

The Nationalism Project
Provides users with a clearinghouse of scholarly nationalism information including: leading definitions of nationalism, book reviews, web links, subject bibliographies, a bibliography of more than 2,000 journal articles.

History Transnational
Specialist forum on the history of cultural transfer and the interweaving of transnational relationships in Europe and the world

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8 – Identity, Culture and Challenges to the West

University of Colorado at Boulder Libraries

US and international information on the Arab-Israeli conflict comprehensive library of documents as well as timelines and short analyses.

Reframing the Israel-Palestine conflict
Interview with Ilan Pappe, an Israeli professor of History and activist, by Frank Barat, coordinator of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine.

MidEastWeb Gateway
News and opinions on political developments in the Middle East.

Arabic-language satellite television network.

Centre on Islam, Democracy and the Future of the Muslim World
This website provides access to a number of resources on Islamist ideology, with a mission to promote democracy and moderate ideals within the Muslim world.

Official Website of Tariq Ramadan
Tariq Ramadan is a leading Muslim reformist in Europe who advocates the adaptation of Islam to local cultural conditions.

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9 – Power and Twenty-first Century World Order

Z Space
Provides access to political writings of Noam Chomsky.
Publications by Joseph S. Nye.

‘The USA, World Hegemony, and Cold War II’
Paper on relations between the USA, Russia and China in the Post-Cold War period.

The centre for the study of international affairs, diplomacy and grand strategy with the aim of understanding how today's world came into being.

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10 – War and Peace

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO)
This website provides access to the history and development of the alliance, member countries and in-depth analysis of current challenges and the direction of global security.

Just War Theory
Contains a wide range of materials related to the idea of a just war and related issues. Just War Theory is owned and maintained by Mark Rigstad, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Oakland University.

Stockholm International Peace Research Institute
Use this website to gain information on weapons developments, arms transfers and production, military spending and arms control and disarmament. The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute is funded conducts research on questions of conflict and cooperation in order to promote international peace and security.

Centre for Defence Information
Use this website to gain information on security issues such as nuclear weapons, space security, missile defence, small arms and military transformation. The CDI is an independent body that provides analysis on various aspects of US national security and defence policy.

International Crisis Group
An independent, non-profit, non-governmental organization that works to prevent and resolve conflicts around the globe. Filled with links to reports on twenty-first-century military conflicts.

Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
The Institute conducts independent research on conventional and non-conventional security issues in the region and shares its findings with policy makers and the public. It provides a forum for discussion with the strategic community on strategic issues and strives to explore alternatives. Contains special reports, briefs, articles and working papers on a variety of issues to do with conflict in a globalized world.

International Relations and Security Network
Use this to access an extensive digital library with publications concerning a number of issues to do with war and peace, as well as useful links and other resources.

Peace Research Institute Oslo
An independent non-profit research institution whose overarching purpose is to conduct research on the conditions for peaceful relations between states, groups and people.

The Clausewitz homepage
Dedicated to Prussian military thinker Carl von Clausewitz. This site has a wealth of information on most issues on war, peace and human security.

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11 – Nuclear Proliferation and Disarmament

International Atomic Energy Agency
Use the IAEA website to find out information about attempts to contain nuclear proliferation under the NPT. The IAEA was set up in 1957 as the world's 'Atoms for Peace' organization within the UN.

Arms Control Association
Use this website for up-to-date information on issues related to arms control. The Arms Control Association is a non-profit, membership-based organization, located in Washington.

Journal USA
A US state department e-journal examining Obama’s strategy to reduce stockpiles of nuclear weapons, based on the idea of a post-nuclear world.

The Acronym Institute for Disarmament Diplomacy
The website provides reporting, analysis and strategic thinking on a range of issues relevant to peace and security, with special emphasis on treaties and multilateral initiatives.

Centre for the Study of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Examines the challenges posed by nuclear, biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction to US and international security. It contains a wealth of documents and other publications on nuclear proliferation.

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12 – Terrorism

Peterson Institute of Economics
Use this link to access special case studies of economic sanctions and terrorism.

9/11 Commission Report
A breakdown of the factors leading up to the 9/11 terrorist attacks and policy recommendations for a global strategy to prevent further attacks.

Prime Minister’s speech to Munich Security Conference, February 2011
David Cameron outlines his views on radicalisation and Islamic extremism with regard to ‘home-grown terrorism’.

The Global Terrorism Database
An open-source database including information on terrorist events around the world from 1970 through 2008 (with annual updates planned for the future).

Centre for New American Security: Abu Muqawama
As well as hosting a blog with some interesting commentary on contemporary insurgency and global terrorism, the CNAS provides an extensive list of links to useful resources for students of the subject.

Combating Terrorism Centre
Independent research institute at West Point that “informs and shapes counter-terrorism policy and strategy”. Use this site for access to influential reports and analysis on global terrorist trends, much of which is based on captured, translated and declassified documents.

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13 – Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention

Human Rights Council home page
A good place to start for research into international conventions on human rights and humanitarian intervention.

UN Charter and Universal Declaration of Human Rights
A major international agreement, most countries have incorporated some version of this declaration into their own national law.

International Commission on Intervention and State Sovereignty
Use this website to access its 2001 report The Responsibility to Protect, as well as a report by Kofi Anan in 2005: In Larger Freedom: Toward Development, Security and human Rights for All

The Global Policy Forum
Provides access to a wide range of articles, reports and speeches about humanitarian intervention, mainly from a critical perspective. The Global Policy Forum monitors policy-making at the UN, acting as an advocacy group on issues of international peace and justice.

C.A.J. Coady
Use this website to access 'The Ethics of Armed Humanitarian Intervention' by the Australian philosopher C.A.J. Coady.

Amnesty International
Gives extensive documentation of Amnesty’s advocacy efforts as well as a wealth of independent research publications and links to other useful resources.

Human Rights Watch
Contains a wealth of resources on human rights and abuses around the world, as well as the organisation’s advocacy efforts.

Minority Rights Group International
Provides similar resources to Amnesty and Human Rights Watch.

International Committee of the Red Cross
The ICRC is one of the oldest international NGOs. Its aim is to provide humanitarian assistance to victims of armed conflict and strife. There is a full account of its history and mission on its website.

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14 – International Law

United Nations
Website of the United Nations, includes information about all UN bodies and councils, as well as its international charters and information on its institutions and processes.

International Criminal Court
Gives information about the structure and processes of the court as well as information on cases and reports on the court’s recent activities.

International Court of justice
Provides information about the court’s role and powers, as well as reports on high profile cases and links to useful publications.
An introduction to the work of Hugo Grotius.

Nuremberg Trials Project
The Harvard Law School Library has digitised one million pages of documents relating to the Nuremberg Trials. Use this for a wealth of primary sources, including trial transcripts, briefs and evidence files.

Nuremberg: Nazis on Trial
A series of articles published by the BBC on the Nuremberg trials.
The Tufts University Fletcher School's Multilaterals Project
Use this website to access the texts of multilateral conventions.

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15 – Poverty and Development

Use this website to access maps and data on the progress of poverty reduction for over 60 developing countries.

Oxfam International
This website provides information to Oxfam’s activities to reduce poverty as well as blogs and news features on the causes of poverty and international development progress.

UN Human Development Reports
For statistics and analysis of international development, either as a cross-sectional analysis of development indicators, or country-specific reports.

IMF Country reports
Reports and publications arranged by country. Use this for information on economic indicators for each country

UN Millenium Goals
Contains targets, progress reports and development statistics as well as information on the Summit on the Millenium Development Goals 2010.

Robinson Rojas Archive
Provide access to writing on theories of development from a political economy perspective.

Global Doubts and Global Solutions
Transcript of a speech by Amartya Sen on global development for the Alfred Deakin Lecture Series 2011.

Publications by Joseph Stiglitz
Collection of articles on economics and globalization by the well-known Nobel Laureate.

2007 Reith Lectures - Jeffrey Sachs
Podcasts of the BBC Radio Four’s Reith lectures are available, in which Jeffrey Sachs addresses various issues relating to globalization. Lecture 5 is particularly relevant to this chapter.

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16 – Global Environmental Issues

Earth Portal
Comprehensive resource for timely, objective, science-based information about the environment.

Provides several large databases of national and international legal instruments and materials related to environmental management, which are searchable by subject area, keyword, country, or date.

Environmental Performance Index
Presents interactive results of collaboration between Yale and Columbia Universities to bring a data-driven, fact-based empirical approach to environmental protection and global sustainability.

Convention on Biological Diversity
International treaty to sustain the rich diversity of life on Earth. The website provides access to current environmental news analysis and policy recommendations.

International Institute for Sustainable Development
Use this website to access reports on particular themes relating to environmental preservation as well as books, articles and papers on various issues within sustainable development.

Earth Institute
Comprising 30 research centres and 850 scientists working over a vast array of disciplines, the Earth Institute aims to provide research and policy recommendations on environmental preservation and sustainable development. There are also further publications by its director, Jeffrey Sachs.

This website contains a wealth of information on their own activities as well as news analysis with a specific focus on environmental issues.

Friends of the Earth
Use this website for news analysis and interesting discussion of environmental policy.

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17 – Gender in Global Politics

Women for Women International
Use the Women for Women International website to access news, reports and analysis about women survivors of war, civil strife and other conflicts.

World Economic Forum
Provides access to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report 2007.

This is a central gateway to information and resources on the promotion of sexual equality and the empowerment of women through the UN system.

Bora Laskin Law Library
Use the website of the Women’s Human Rights Resources programme at the Bora Laskin Law Library to access a wide range of resources, articles, documents and links related to international women’s rights.

World Bank section on Gender and Development
Contains news, reports and data about gender and development.

Woman Stats
A detailed compilation of statistics and data on the status of women in 174 countries as well as videos and blogs on the issues facing women in he globalised world.

Development Alternatives for Women of a New Era
DAWNnet provides a forum for feminist research, analyses and advocacy on global issues (economic, social and political) affecting the livelihoods, living standards, rights and development prospects of women, especially poor and marginalized women, in regions of the South.

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18 – International Organization and the UN

United Nations
Contains information about the history and development of the UN from the League of Nations, as well as its governance, structure and information on current policies and debates.

UN Charter
Use this UN website to access a full version of the UN Charter.

UN Iraq Resolution 2003
Access the full text from this website to see the contrast between this and the unilateral actions taken by the USA.

Robert Keohane
Publications by the US International Relations theorist.

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19 – Global Governance and the Bretton Woods System

World Bank
For up-to-date information on current activities and reports on the global economy.

World Trade Organisation
Gives information on current activities as well as reports and analysis of international trade and property law.

International Monetary Fund
For information on current activities as well as detailed statistics and reports on country development and the global economy, as well as world news analysis.

Exchange Rates
Provides information on the latest currency news, historical data, currency conversion and exchange rates, using mid-market rates which are updated by the minute.

Bank for International Settlements
Website listing central banks from around the world.

Beyond the Washington Consensus
Paper by Jeremy Clift on the future of global economic governance.

The Post-Washington Consensus
An article by Francis Fukuyuma for Foreign Affairs, March/April 2011.

Bretton Woods Project
Critical analysis of the current activities of the World Bank and the IMF.

LSE Global governance
LSE Global Governance was founded by Lord Professor Meghnad Desai in 1992 as the Centre for the Study of Global Governance. This website provides access to extensive research resources and publications analysing the concept of global governance and issues within it.

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20 – Regionalism and Global Politics

Association of South East Asian nations (ASEAN)
Official website with information on history, institutions and structure as well as resources on policy initiatives and recent developments within the region.

African Union
Information on the history and development of the African Union, as well as news on current activities, analysis of current affairs and policy initiatives.

Organisation of American States
Information on structure, member states and policy initiatives of OAS, as well as featured news analysis

European Union
This is the official website of the EU; use it to gain information on the history, policies, conventions, processes and institutions of the EU.

League of Arab States
Information on member states, the organisation and current activities

North American Free trade Association
Information on the agreement and the association.

Mercosur (South American Trade Bloc)
The official website for Mercosur is only in Spanish of Portugese
For information on the organisation and structure of the bloc, as well as information on members and populations, see

Shanghai Cooperation Organization
Information on member states, observer states and partners, as well as news on current activities and a chronicle of the main events for each year, and publications on issues facing members.

Secretariat of the Pacific Community
Information on the community and its members as well as the organisation and structure of the secretariat.

The Nordic Council
Information on the Council, its member states and their current activities. There is also analysis of recent events relevant to the Council.

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21 – Global Futures
Use this website to access an article on debates about world government from the Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy.

Francis Fukuyama’s Personal Website
Biographical information as well as a list of publications.

Foreign Affairs – Hedley Bull
This link provides access to articles written by or about Hedley Bull on international society.

A Clash of Civilizations?
Samuel P. Huntington summarises his thesis on the ‘clash of civilisations’ and the future of cultural conflict.

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