Global Politics

by Andrew Heywood

Exam Questions

Chapter 1 – Introducing Global Politics

  • Is the traditional principle of state sovereignty now redundant?
  • In what ways, and to what extent, has globalisation reshaped international politics?

Chapter 2 – Historical Context

  • 'Both WWI and WWII were a consequence of a multipolar world order.' Discuss.
  • To what extent was the end of the Cold War a result of the structural weaknesses of Soviet-style communism?

Chapter 3 – Theories of Global Politics

  • To what extent do the key theories of global politics contest the global status quo?
  • 'A 'science of global politics' is impossible.' Discuss.

Chapter 4 – The Economy in a Global Age

  • Are economic globalization and neoliberalism necessarily linked?
  • 'Global capitalism is inherently unstable and crisis prone.' Discuss.

Chapter 5 – The State and Foreign Policy in a Global Age

  • Does the state remain the major actor on the world stage?
  • 'Strict rationality in the making of foreign policy is an unachievable goal.' Discuss.

Chapter 6 – Society in a Global Age

  • To what extent is globalization merely a form of western cultural imperialism?
  • 'The idea of 'global civil society' has been greatly exaggerated.' Discuss.

Chapter 7 – Nationalism in a Global Age

  • 'Nationalism is always associated with conflict and war.' Discuss.
  • Is the world moving towards a post-nationalist age?

Chapter 8 – Identity, Culture and Challenges to the West

  • 'The global political significance of religion is set to decrease not increase.' Discuss.
  • To what extent could the 'war on terror' be regarded as a civilizational conflict?

Chapter 9 – Power and Twenty-First Century World Order

  • 'Military power is now largely obsolete in global politics.' Discuss.
  • To what extent is the global system now multipolar?

Chapter 10 – War and Peace

  • Are war and international conflict inevitable features of global politics?
  • To what extent has the nature of war and warfare changed in recent years?

Chapter 11 – Nuclear Proliferation and Disarmament

  • To what extent does nuclear proliferation threaten peace and security?
  • 'The idea of a world free of nuclear weapons is both deluded and dangerous.' Discuss.

Chapter 12 – Terrorism

  • To what extent is transnational terrorism a major threat to order and security?
  • Can terrorism ever be defeated through the use of military means?

Chapter 13 – Human Rights and Humanitarian Intervention

  • To what extent are human rights effectively protected in the modern world?
  • Is humanitarian intervention ever justified?

Chapter 14 – International Law

  • Is international law a meaningful notion?
  • To what extent has the International Criminal Court succeeded in upholding humanitarian standards?

Chapter 15 – Poverty and Development

  • Globalisation has increased, not reduced, global poverty.' Discuss
  • To what extent does international aid work?

Chapter 16 – Global Environmental Issues

  • 'Sustainable development is a contradiction in terms.' Discuss.
  • 'The international community has failed to take concerted action over climate change.' Discuss.

Chapter 17 – Gender in Global Politics

  • How persuasive is the feminist approach to security and war?
  • Is there inevitable tension between feminism and post-colonialism over development?

Chapter 18 – International Organization and the United Nations

  • To what extent do effective international organizations require the existence of a global hegemon?
  • 'The UN has outlived its usefulness.' Discuss.

Chapter 19 – Global Governance and the Bretton Woods System

  • To what extent is global economic governance effective?
  • 'The IMF and the World Bank have failed the world's poor.' Discuss.

Chapter 20 – Regionalism and Global Politics

  • To what extent does regionalism act as a constraint on globalization?
  • 'The EU is a unique example of regional integration.' Discuss.

Chapter 21 – Why Theory Matters

  • 'Explanatory theory promises what cannot be delivered.' Discuss.
  • To what extent should political leaders pay attention to the views of IR theorists?

Chapter 22 – Images of the Global Future

  • Is globalization an unstoppable force?
  • Will the global future wear a democratic face?