Global Politics

by Andrew Heywood

Figures and Tables

Chapter 1
Figure 1.1 Dimensions of global politics
Figure 1.2 Billiard ball model of world politics
Figure 1.3 Cobweb model of world politics

Chapter 2
Figure 2.1 Growth of world population since 1750
Figure 2.2. Growth of membership of the United Nations, 1945 to present

Chapter 3
Figure 3.1 Levels of theoretical analysis

Chapter 5
Figure 5.1 Multilevel governance

Chapter 9
Figure 9.1 Hard, soft and smart power

Chapter 11
Figure 11.1 Accumulation of nuclear warheads by the USA and the Soviet Union, 1945-90
Figure 11.2 Number of warheads held by nuclear powers, 2012 (estimates of deployed and non-deployed weapons)

Chapter 13
Table 13.1 Three generations of human rights

Chapter 15
Figure 15.1 Maslow's hierarchy of needs
Table 15.1 Top ten and bottom ten countries on terms of HDI rankings

Chapter 16
Figure 16.1 A pond as an ecosystem
Figure 16.2 The greenhouse effect

Chapter 17
Table 17.1 Top ten and bottom ten countries in the GII league tables

Chapter 19
Table 19.1 Competing models of global politics

Chapter 20
Table 20.1 Key regional organizations and groupings of the world