Essential Operations Management

by Alex Hill and Terry Hill

What makes Essential Operations Management so special?

Essential Operations Management provides a unique approach to operations management that will benefit both students and lecturers. Click on the key advantages below to view more details and endorsements from academics in the field:

Written and championed by a great author team

Terry Hill is a long standing and well-respected name in the field of operations management; both Alex and Terry Hill are experienced textbook authors who have worked in both the services and manufacturing industries.

Concise yet comprehensive

The book covers exactly what students need to know for an introductory course and is divided clearly into a manageable number of chapters, easily fitting into an average 12-week/1-semester course.

Written in an accessible, friendly manner

Ideal for students with little experience of the working world. This is supported by a wealth of pedagogical features and a contemporary page design to draw students in.
The tone and style of the text is ideal for students. The language is kept relatively simple and all terminology is promptly explained. I am a non-native English speaker myself, and found no problem with the text. -Dr. Katri Karjalainen, Lecturer in Operations Management, Manchester Business School

Coverage of services that reflects current trends in teaching and the likely career destinations of students

Both chapter content and case studies are written to provide a balance between services and manufacturing that is relevant to modern industry.
I find Hill & Hill unique in the way it emphasises on the services sector, which, to my knowledge, no other OM book at the moment does. …The importance of the growing sector of services certainly deserves attention from an OM perspective and I think Hill & Hill will help to fill the gap in this respect. The case studies are definitely aimed at this ambition and are one of the strengths of the book. -Tolga Bektas, Lecturer in Management Science, School of Management, University of Southampton

Excellent coverage of strategy

This is one of the key areas of OM that it can often be difficult for students to grasp. Hill & Hill covers strategy in a clear, focused way.

Supported by excellent case studies and other features

In particular, the case studies are brief, accessible and practical. They cover companies and situations that students can relate to, in order to help them apply theory to the real world.
Nice, practical, recent and important cases. -Prof. Dr. Luc Chalmet, Academic Director, Operations & Supply Chain Excellence, Antwerp Management School, University of Antwerp, Belgium

International slant

Case studies and illustrations from a range of countries to match the international demographic of today's student population.

Fully up-to-date

Full coverage given to current topics such as JIT, Lean operations and ERP. The book takes a fresh approach to operations management, taking into account the adoption of e-commerce in retailing, financial services and students’ own familiarity with digital services, products and systems.


An appealing 4-colour page design, with a uniquely modern look that students will love. Specially commissioned photographs and double page spread figures make the text really appealing.
I find the coloring different from most other text books, and I think it is refreshing. -Dr Katri Karjalainen, Lecturer in Operations Management, Manchester Business School