Essential Operations Management

by Alex Hill and Terry Hill

A note to lecturers on teaching operations management through film

Film can be an exciting, dynamic and entertaining way of illustrating some aspects of operations management to your students. For each chapter of Essential Operations Management a selection of short clips (2-3mins) from classic films have been suggested, with guidelines on how these can be used in class discussion or as part of independent learning to bring particular topics and themes to life and set them in a real-world context.

The way in which you use the film-related resources which are available on this website will depend on your own teaching style and the time available. You may not want to use these resources for every topic, and as a result they can easily be omitted from one (or all) of your lectures. The following resources are available:
  • PPT lecture slides incorporate time for showing the clips and a framework for discussion of their themes. These sections can easily be deleted from the slides to provide more succinct coverage of the material within each chapter.
  • The student handouts can be used as the basis of independent learning exercises or during group discussion and correspond to the PowerPoint slides for each chapter. You will see that for each film, key topics and learning objectives are highlighted, and space is given on the handouts for students to fill in details relating to these topics as they watch the clips.
  • The corresponding teaching notes provide an outline of the key ideas to draw from the clips in a discussion and guideline answers to discussion questions.