Operations Management

Third edition

by Alex Hill and Terry Hill


This state-of-the-art textbook sets a new standard in clarity of exposition and elegance of design. Bristling with concepts and diagrams, insights and examples, critical reflections and study activities, it will be both a joy to use and a source of continuing inspiration for teachers and students alike. If only more business books were such a delight to read! -Dr Jules Goddard, Fellow, Centre for Management Development, London Business School, UK
For me, strategy is a combination of customer focus, effective leadership and delivering products and services to the customer smoothly – that is, how we operate the business. Operations is too often overlooked and yet is absolutely critical. This textbook is packed with tools and worked examples that will enable you to become a better strategist, through streamlining delivery to the customer. -Dr Liz Mellon, Executive Director and Regional Managing Director India, Duke Corporate Education
The book’s concepts are based on a sound and well-proven theoretical platform, but the essence of the book is the concrete and easy-to-understand practical applications. It will help managers at all levels understand the importance and power of operational excellence. -Professor Pär Åhlström, Department of Management and Organization, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden
At last! A different kind of textbook – lively and energetic, modern, fun to read, full of practical examples and colourful. It breaks the mould. With content and well-researched materials, this book will be of great value to all who read and learn from it. -Gay Haskins, former Dean of Executive Education, Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, UK