A Practice Based Guide For New Venture Creation

by Inge Hill


I have to congratulate Inge Hill on creating an invaluable and hugely helpful resource for students, academics and practitioners alike. It is an indispensable addition to anybody’s library that is involved in enterprise and entrepreneurship education as well as those who are thinking of starting a business. This is a truly authentic and inspirational book. -Simon Brown, Head of Enterprise Development – NCEE, National Centre for Entrepreneurship in Education
If you are thinking of starting a business or social enterprise, this book is an essential resource. It is excellently written and provides practical advice on how to manage risks and be successful. -Raficq Abdulla MBE, Kingston University, UK
This book is perfect for students studying enterprise, or for anyone interested in setting up their own business. It contains practical business advice based on the experiences of the author and the use of international case studies of start-ups by young people bring the subject to life. -Tony Andrews, SWEDA, Business Development Agency
Start-up is really a ‘business mentor in a handbook’. Whether you are a student wanting to start your first company, an entrepreneur looking for know-how or a business person looking for inspiration, this book is ideal. It provides great support and a wide variety of real-life examples so you can begin your entrepreneurial journey safe and confident. -Andrei Tiu, Winner of European Business Master Cup 2015
This is an insightful and informative book underpinned by research, case studies and suggested resources. It is a must have for anyone involved in a business start-up or acting as a business start-up adviser. -Dorothy Berry-Lound, HOST Policy Research
At last a book that spells out in plain language what a start-up needs to consider. Inge Hill offers sound practical advice, honed by years of experience as a business consultant, that drills down to the core areas that most entrepreneurs worry about. I shall certainly be recommending it to the many students that ask for "one" practical book on how to start a business. -Shaukat Ali, University of Wolverhampton Business School, UK
Start-up is a superb practical guide for students considering starting a business and undergoing business planning courses. Inge Hill provides a carefully structured sequence of topics that engages students in the process of considering and planning a new venture. It is an essential text book for any student of entrepreneurship full of practical tips and international examples that will enable the reader to fully grasp all of the key issues involved. -Luke Pittaway, Ohio University, USA
This book guides the reader through the business start-up process in a clear and structured way. It has a perfect balance of theory and research, which makes it an invaluable source of information useful in any new enterprise. It is a truly inspirational and practical piece of work that every aspiring entrepreneur should read. -Kamila Szewczyk, Kam and Cat – Artisan Raw Cakes