Corporate Financial Reporting

by Roger Hussey and Audra Ong

Praise for the book

This new textbook provides extensive and up-to-date coverage of IFRS contents, including the most recent standards. The language used is both rigorous and easy to understand, making it an excellent resource for beginners. The authors have also done a very good job at demonstrating the practical relevance of financial accounting knowledge, using a multitude of examples from recent company accounts. I recommend this textbook as an excellent resource for students of financial accounting under IFRS. - Stefano De Cesaris, City, University of London, UK
Corporate Financial Reporting is a comprehensive text that offers concise explanations of IFRS, guiding the reader through its complexities through its clear layout and vast number of illustrations. In addition it addresses what we should expect in terms of the future of corporate reporting. The book is highly recommended to anyone who seeks to get sound insight into contemporary international corporate financial reporting. - Caroline Aggestam Pontoppidan, Copenhagen Business School, Denmark
Logically laid out and easy to follow, this textbook uses the latest accounting standards and chapters are appropriately contextualised with a historical introduction to help readers understand how the standards have developed. - Danny Chow, Durham University, UK
A comprehensive coverage of the history and current direction of corporate financial reporting. The authors manage to capture a wealth of information in a readily accessible form making this is an essential text for undergraduate students of financial reporting. - Andrew Ekuban, University of Bedfordshire, UK