It's all about people

by Neil Thompson and Sue Thompson

Author quotes

People Skills 4e

Well-developed people skills are an essential component of effectiveness in a wide range of jobs. It was a group of students who originally persuaded me to write this book, as they felt there was no suitable textbook to cover these issues. The fact that the book is now in its fourth edition shows how well it has been received. -Neil Thompson

The People Solutions Sourcebook 2e

It became a common refrain for people to comment on how useful they had found People Skills bit for many people then to go on to say that they also needed a book that covered the tools needed to work effectively with people as well as the skills. So, that’s how this book came about and I have been delighted with the feedback I have received about it. -Neil Thompson

People Management

The success of People Skills among managers as well as practitioners led to the development of a book specifically for managers (and aspiring managers). What has pleased me most is that it has helped to get across the vitally important message that organisational success depends first and foremost on people. -Neil Thompson

Effective Communication 2e

As a young university student I fell in love with the whole field of language and communication, and that love has never wavered. I was once asked which was the book I enjoyed writing most and this was clearly the one. Communication is such a fundamental part of being effective in so many work settings, and yet it is so often taken for granted without it being given the serious study and attention it deserves. -Neil Thompson

Promoting Equality 2e

I have had a strong interest in tackling and preventing discrimination. But what motivated me most of all to write this book was how often I came across dogmatic, simplistic and unhelpful approaches to the issues involved. I therefore made it my duty to write a theoretically sophisticated book that avoided those problems, but still managed to be helpful in real-life practice situations. -Neil Thompson

The Critically Reflective Practitioner

Neil and I had had concerns about the common misunderstandings around reflective practice, so, when we had the opportunity to work together on producing a book on critically reflective practice, we jumped at the chance. It has been really rewarding to see how many people have benefitted from the work we did in putting this together. -Sue Thompson

Grief and its Challenges

Grief can have a devastating effect on people’s lives, and yet so often members of the people professions have a very limited knowledge of what is involved or how best to help and support colleagues or clients who are grieving. I wanted this book to provide a short but helpful overview of key theoretical issues and their implications for practice. I have been really pleased with the results. It has been good to know that this book is making a difference when it comes to the challenges of grief. -Neil Thompson