It's all about people

by Neil Thompson and Sue Thompson

Promoting Equality 4th edition

Practitioners working within the people professions have a legal and moral responsibility to promote equality wherever possible. This insightful book from a leading author provides a lucid guide to the complexities of inequality, and offers a sound foundation for practice that makes a positive contribution to equality, social justice and empowerment. Now in its third edition, this highly successful text challenges oversimplified approaches to tackling discrimination and oppression. It combines an impressive blend of theoretical analysis and practice insights, all conveyed in the accessible and engaging style which has earned Neil Thompson his sterling reputation in the field. Along with a new introductory chapter, this revised edition features:
  • 'Voice of experience' comments: practitioners' real-world experiences of
  • Key concept boxes: authoritative support in demystifying complex
    theoretical ideas;
  • Practice focus illustrations: cameos from practice which bring theoretical
    issues to life.
With a clear exposition of a coherent theory base that does justice to the multi-level and multi-dimensional nature of discrimination, Promoting Equality is essential reading for students and practitioners within the helping professions, and managers and supervisors across the public, private and voluntary sectors.