It's all about people

by Neil Thompson and Sue Thompson

The People Solutions Sourcebook 2e

Working with people requires engaging with the issues that inevitably affect their lives and work – whether conflict or stress, relationship difficulties or communication breakdown.

This hands-on sourcebook is an essential introduction to tackling the problems that arise between people. Offering a wealth of practical advice, methods and strategies, it will support you in building your own toolkit of methods, enabling you to turn problems into successes with both fairness and sensitivity.

The book is divided into three easy-to-navigate parts:
  • Part I provides a theoretical backdrop for the book. It explores the factors that contribute to a range of problems and discusses the knowledge, skills and values involved in effective problem solving.
  • Part II is a collection of over eighty tools. Organized alphabetically, each technique is thoroughly explained so that you know when and how it can be used and what results it can deliver.
  • Part III is a guide to further learning, packed with suggestions for reading and designed as a springboard for more advanced learning and skill development.
This versatile resource builds on the success of its predecessor (People Problems) to demonstrate the important role that methods can play in working with people and their problems, whatever the setting. Grounded in realism and informed by the author's extensive experience, it will be indispensable for teaching, study and practice across the fields of social care, nursing, human resource and business management and any other professional role which is defined by its contact with people.