Managing Organizational Change

Process, Social Construction and Dialogue

by Muayyad Jabri


Jabri takes a thoroughly multi-disciplinary approach to the complexities of organisational change and of the people that try to manage it - making this text highly appropriate for undergraduate or postgraduate students who wish to develop their knowledge and understanding of the area. The reader is carefully guided through the most prominent conventional theories and their more radical challengers, accompanied along the way by an array of organisational metaphors, anecdotes and parables. -Tina Bass, University of Coventry, UK
This is quite an amazing book. It is organized around and teaches very current perspectives on organizational change, such as communication, discourse and dialog, which have not previously found their way into textbooks. It is intellectually sophisticated – it would be a wonderful manual for academics who want to learn current thinking about managing change. Yet it also conveys its ideas clearly and presents multiple examples that can help both advanced students and practitioners learn about and gain skill in implementing key elements of change. It should provide an singularly helpful resource to academics, students and practitioners. -Jean Bartunek, Boston College, USA
Jabri weaves together traditional approaches to organizational change with recent research that considers change as an ongoing, socially constructed process constituted through dialogical interaction, thereby providing a depth of understanding of organizational change that is often lacking in texts that deal with change as a 'thing'. This book will help readers better understand how planned change and continuous change interact through socially constructed 'reality' powerfully shaped by talk and interaction between people, processes and material things. This book is a very welcome addition for those seeking to understand how to bring about positive change in their organizations. -Elden Wiebe, The King's University College, Canada