Introduction to International Economics

Second edition

by Henk Jager and Catrinus Jepma

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Aspects of International Economics
  • Internationalization and the World Economy
  • International Trade Theory
  • International Production Factors, Foreign Direct Investment, and the Multinational Enterprise
  • Trade Policy: A Welfare Theory Analysis
  • Modern Arguments Relating to Protection
  • Trade Policy and Market Reforms: A Microeconomic Analysis
  • The Practice of Protection
  • Economics, Government and Lobbying
  • Economic Integration
  • The Balance of Payments and the Foreign-exchange Market
  • International Capital Flows
  • Exchange-rate Explanation and Prediction
  • Exchange-rate Systems and Effects
  • International Risk: Types and Hedges
  • International Monetary Cooperation
  • A Financial Obstacle to Economic Development: The World Debt Crisis
  • A Financial Obstacle to Economics Development: Currency Crises
  • Irrevocably Fixed Exchange Rates: Recent Experiences
  • Bibliography
  • Index