International Relations Theory

A new introduction

by Knud Erik Jørgensen

Web links

Chapter 1 - Why Theorize International Relations?

Chapter 2 - The International Political Theory Tradition
A major website addressing political theory issues

Chapter 3 - The Liberal International Theory Tradition
Biography for Immanuel Kant
Perpetual Peace by Immanuel Kant
Biography for Norman Angell
Extract from The Great Illusion by Norman Angell
The Covenant of the League of Nations
Speech by Woodrow Wilson on the League of Nations
Biography for Karl Deutsch
The official European Union website
The official United Nations website
The official OSCE website
The website of the Royal Institute of International Affairs
The website of the Canadian Institute of International Affairs
The website of the Council on Foreign Relations
The website of the Council on European Foreign Relations

Chapter 4 - The Realist Tradition
An interview on the persisting role of political realism
The former US Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, discusses in a contemporary context the (ir)relevance of terms such as realism and idealism.

Chapter 5 - The International Society Tradition
The main English School website
The UN declaration of Human Rights
The UN Charter
Hugo Grotius bibliography, at Oregon State University.
An article in strong favour of solidarism
An introduction to the English School, and to the Pluralist and Solidarist Currernts
The Robert Jackson website.
A wide range of links on international humanitarian law collected by the The International Committee of the Red Cross.

Chapter 6 - The International Political Economy Tradition
The website of the OECD
The website of the World Bank
The website of the IMF
The website of the European Central Bank
The website of the World Trade Organization
The website of a British interest group working on development issues
The website of the European association of scholars working on development issues
The website of the Institute of World Economy at Kiel University
The Financial Times website
The website of the Economist
The website of a Brussels-based think-tank

Chapter 7 - The Post-Positivist Tradition
Click here for articles by the philosopher John Searle. The site includes a downloadable important article on social ontology.
A brief article on the merits of poststructuralism in IR theory
An introduction to Critical Theory
The Frankfurt School website
A website devoted to feminist theory

Chapter 8 - Contemporary Inter-Tradition Debates
The website of the International Studies Association, including a gateway to useful resources for theorists.
A website created to promote the further development of the English School

Chapter 9 - A Guide to Creative Theorizing
A website devoted to interviews with an increasing number of international relations scholars – very useful for brief insights.