An Introduction to the English Language

Word, sound and sentence, third edition

by Koenraad Kuiper and W. Scott Allan

Lecturer zone

Welcome to the lecturer zone for An Introduction to English Language: Word, sound and sentence third edition. For lecturers who wish to mount all or some of the resources available in the student zone, namely PowerPoint slides, mini lectures and mp3 sound files, on learning management systems, these resources are available along with banks of quiz questions. Quizzes are in Respondus form. They are in three sets which go with each of the three main sections of the book, i.e. quizzes on words, sounds and sentences. The order of the quizzes is the order of the presentation in the book. Like all quizzes and all quiz questions they are not perfect. The translation to and out of Respondus is not perfect. Lecturers may want to correct, adapt, amend and add to them. The authors encourage them to do so.

This VLE-compatible package is available on request, ready to load direct onto your institution’s BlackBoard, WebCT or Moodle learning platform. Please email Palgrave Macmillan here to request access to the package.

If you have any questions about the materials please get in touch with the author by emailing here.