An Introduction to the English Language

Word, sound and sentence, third edition

by Koenraad Kuiper and W. Scott Allan

Student zone

The book is divided into four sections: Introduction, Words, Sounds, Sentences. These sections, both in the book and on this site can be thought of as learning modules. Each module on the web site contains powerpoint files available for downloading. They are summaries of what is in the book and provide headings for taking notes. They are also used for the mini-lecture movies, each of which presents a topic in sequence from each section of the book. You can either watch the movie before reading the relevant section of the book or watch afterwards for revision (or both). Each mini-lecture movie begins with an opening slide featuring the section of the book it relates to.

Finally there are sound files. These are short and aim to get you thinking about language issues, or they provide some additional material on related topics.


PowerPoints for the introduction module

Sound files for the introduction module

Videos for the introduction module


PowerPoints for the Words module

Sound files for the Words module

Videos for the Words module


PowerPoints for the Sounds module

Sound files for the Sounds module

Videos for the Sounds module


PowerPoints for the Sentences module

Sound files for the Sentences module

Videos for the Sentences module