An Introduction to English Language

Word, Sound and Sentence

by Koenraad Kuiper and W. Scott Allan Also by Koenraad Kuiper: Theories of Syntax

About this book

Have you ever noticed something unusual about vocabulary or pronunciation and wanted to know more? Have you ever wondered how the building blocks of language fit together? Do you want to understand the different ways speakers of English communicate with each other?

Back for its fourth edition, An Introduction to English Language is essential reading for students of English language and linguistics. Combining accessibility with depth, it is a textbook that assumes no prior knowledge and will serve as an ideal companion for anybody approaching this subject for the first time.

This revised and updated fourth edition of An Introduction to English Language:

  • Is packed with fresh material, including a brand new chapter on pragmatics
  • Includes a range of in-text activities and exercises for practicing what you’ve learned as you go
  • Is accompanied by an interactive ebook which allows you to access media resources while you’re on the move. The book’s learning materials (including Powerpoint slides, downloadable sound files and video tutorials) are also freely available in the resources section of this website.