British Politics

Palgrave Foundations Series, second edition

by Robert Leach, Bill Coxall and Lynton Robins

Chapter 9 essay questions - Political Communication and the Mass Media

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  • How far do different media require different political communication skills? In what ways might television trivialize political debate?
  • How far does the concentration of ownership of the press and media generally pose problems for democracy?
  • How far and in what ways is the British press and British television biased?
  • In what ways has the internet transformed political communication in Britain? How far does it facilitate genuine two-way communication between citizens and government? How might it transform democracy?
  • How much real political power and influence do the media have?
  • What evidence is there that the British press, or the media generally, have significantly influenced political views and party choice?
  • To what extent has media coverage of British politics been ‘dumbed down’?
  • What is spin and how new is it? How far was New Labour spin effective?
  • How far and in what ways might the new media encourage more political participation and interactive public debate? Do the new media pose any problems for politics?