British Politics

Palgrave Foundations Series, second edition

by Robert Leach, Bill Coxall and Lynton Robins

Chapter 22 essay questions - Rights, Equality and Social Justice

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  • Why was there an apparent reduction in inequality from the Second World War onwards and an increase in inequality after 1979?
  • How far should it be the business of government to reduce inequality and promote greater social justice?
  • How far is the UK substantially more unequal than other leading western countries? Does this matter?
  • Why are women still unequal and under-represented in business, the professions and politics? How far does this matter? How might it be remedied? How far are women interested in a different kind of politics?
  • How far and why are ethnic minorities under-represented in British society and politics?
  • What is multiculturalism? How far do ethnic minorities and the population as a whole benefit from multiculturalism? Is Britain now a multicultural society? Is multiculturalism a threat to British identity? Might it adversely affect individual rights?
  • How far has the Human Rights Act and the Equality and Human Rights Commission been a success? Should either be scrapped or reformed?
  • What do you understand by the term ‘social justice’, and how far are major British political parties committed to it?
  • Why may a wide gap between rich and poor be harmful? How might a more equal society be created or encouraged?