Fourth Edition

by Rob Lewis and Wynne Evans

This resource site has been designed to provide support and extension activities for all users of this text whether you’re a lecturer organising your teaching around the book or a student looking for material to help direct and reinforce your learning.

This Palgrave Macmillan companion website has free access and you’re invited to explore all areas of the site as you please.

We envisage this site to be used in tandem with the textbook to create and deliver a complete teaching package for lecturers and students.

This website includes the following resources:

  • Appendices: These contain extension material to support selected units in the book. Appendix 1, for example, covers subject matters of Unit 1 in the text.
  • Case studies: These further consider the area of Chemistry in such diverse areas as enzymes, landfill and astronomy. Each case study starts with a list of prerequisites to the corresponding units in the text.
  • Periodic table: The periodic table that appears inside the front cover of the book can be downloaded from this page.
  • Useful resources: This features suggested websites and resources that you may find useful for your course.
  • Experiment videos: This provides video links to practical experiments that you can watch online.
We hope you will find these resources helpful and would like to wish you an enjoyable and successful academic year.